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How frequently do you Optimize your Website?

How frequently do you Optimize your Website?

How often should you optimize your website? | How frequently should you perform SEO?

When you launch a new website or enter the SEO match for the first time for your website, one of the visible first steps is spending some quality time working on on page optimisation. But once you have gone through done your SEO work, then what? How frequently do you optimize, or re-optimize?

The answer to that question is based a primary grasp of the nature of real SEO. It’s the difference between understanding that SEO is not a phase, but a lifelong mentality; a permanent filter for looking at a website through the eyes of a search engine.

When Doing a Redesign your Website – Redesigning or relaunching a website is a pretty distinct milestone in the optimization life of a site. No matter how much work you’ve done on your site up until that point, if you’re going through a redesign, it can be like starting back at square one.

Search engine optimization (SEO) activity is continuous thing if you really want to stay at top position on SERPs. Thousands of web site are coming into reality every day on the same position you are, that is why you have to keep increasing your Search engine optimization (SEO) activities to maintain authority.

Generally speaking, the answer is “regularly”. We all know that it’s really Google who regulates what our marketing strategy needs to be, since they receive an awesomely large share of web searches. And they change their search algorithms regularly. According to Moz, Google changes its search algorithms 500 to 600 times a year! Not all of these are major changes, but it’s an ongoing and evolving process, and it’s important to be aware of the impact these changes can have on your search engine ranking position.

SEO is not a one shot deal. Search Engine Optimization Learning to make your website talk to search engines in the language they understand is a long term science.

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How often should you optimize your web? | How frequently should you perform SEO? | More Leads For Your Business With SEO‎