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Benefits to business from advertising on Facebook
1. Targets Human Beings Based on Volunteered Data.Anyone can stumble upon a search box, but to enjoy the benefits of Facebook you have to actively create and sign into your profile. Facebook Ads enables you to target your advertisements to individuals based on reliable information that they provide to describe themselves and their interests.However, while Facebook Ads are useful for online merchants who want to create demand among potential customers, or brand themselves to individuals who might need their products in the future, these forms of advertising tend to be less profitable than serving ads to searchers who are actively searching for products that meet their needs.

2. Increases Trust.The Facebook environment, as a social network, is automatically more personal to its users than the “directory” type setting of a search engine. Seeing an ad that a friend “Liked” or that is very specific to the user’s demographic information can lend a degree of trust to the advertiser that may not be present in a search-based ad. Thus, if your ad happens to target an individual who is in the market to buy a product that you are advertising, it will be easier to overcome the “trust” hurdle that lowers PPC conversion rates.

3. Calculate Your Ad’s Reach in Real Time.When you are building your ad targets, you can see how various targeting constraints will change the reach of your ad in real-time. This is a benefit of working within such a controlled network.I advise that you keep note of this total target size to compare your results as your campaigns progress. For example, you may find that it is better to have many ads that target very small interest groups. Also, go back into the ad builder periodically and check your targets to see if their size has fluctuated significantly.

4. Build Awareness.The reality of advertising on Facebook is that the audience doesn’t want to leave the site they are on. Motivating shoppers to leave Facebook to make a purchase immediately is rare; but you do have the opportunity to create brand awareness. That can help you later when shoppers begin researching a purchase.You may also adopt a Facebook Ads strategy that focuses on “recall,” rather than “awareness.” The difference is that people who recall your brand will actively search for it when they are ready to make a buying decision. Thus, the aim of your Facebook Ads may be to connect and engage with potential customers, rather than promoting products or special offers.It’s the ability to connect and engage with your customers that makes Facebook a unique choice for advertisers.

Types of ads on Facebook-

1) Page Post Ads - These are the ads from any post of the page

2)Sponsored Ads - These ads are voice of friends which are shown on right hand side or in Newsfeed . For eg. Jinal likes Lakme.

3)Video Ads - These are the ads in which video is used which is displayed

4)Offer Ads - These are the ads through which people can claim the offer. For eg. Discount

5)Event Ads - Any workshop or upcoming event can be used in Event Ad

6)Homepage Ads - These are the Premium Ads that are displayed on the Homepage of the
User. These ads are on CPM basis and come only if you are spending 5 L and above INR per month.

7)Logout page Ads - These ads are shown when a user logouts from his/her account. These ads run on CPM basis. Run on pan india basis. In a days time you can reach receive 70L to 90L impressions. And CPM charges are 1.75 USD. 

8)News feed Ads - These ads are shown in the newsfeed column either in desktop or mobile.

9) type Ahead Ads - These ads are shown in the search bar.

10) Page like Ad

11) Mobile App AD - These ads are basically for Mobile app advertisers where people can download the app directly.

12) All Facebook Ads; This is also known as marketplace ads which are shown anywhere on Facebook.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. If your ads are bid on a CPC basis, you will be charged when users click on your ads and visit your website.If you are paying on a cost per click basis, you are charged each time someone clicks on your ad or sponsored story.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is the cost per 1000 times your ad or sponsored story is displayed. Whether you bid on a CPC or CPM basis depends on what you set as your objective.

You set your objectives as your create your ad or sponsored story. If your objective is to have people like your Page or install your app, you will pay on a CPM basis. We’ll automatically show your ad or sponsored story to people who are most likely to take the action you have set as your objective. For example, if you want people to like your Page, Facebook will show your ad or sponsored story to the people in your targeted audience and who are most likely to like your Page.

If you are advertising an external website or the objective you set is to get clicks, you will pay each time someone clicks on your ad or sponsored story (CPC). In the "Campaign, Pricing and Schedule" section at the bottom of the ad creation page you will need to choose the maximum amount you're willing to pay for each click.

What size should my ad image be?

All ad images are displayed in the dimensions of 100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall. Your image should be at least this size, but it’s a good idea to add a bigger image.

If your image is larger or smaller than the dimensions specified, it will be automatically resized. Animated or flash images are not supported.

Where will my ad show on Facebook?
Facebook Ads can appear in News Feed or in the right column of any page on the site.

Advertisers can view their own ads in the Ads Manager. You won't see your ad running on Facebook unless you are a member of the target audience that you selected for your ad. Additionally, even if you are a member, you aren’t guaranteed to see your ad. This doesn't mean your ad isn't running, just that our system has determined that other ads would be more relevant to you

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