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Pay Per Click Advertising in - Google, Yahoo!, Bing/MSN, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Linkedin and Others)

What are PPC Ads?
Pay per click (PPC) ads are the paid ads that appear at the top and on the side of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results.

Spring Communications combines our proprietary pay per click (PPC) campaign development methodology with more than 10 years of experience planning and executing paid search campaigns in order to design and execute successful paid search marketing campaigns for our clients. At Spring Communications we will work closely with your team to develop a PPC strategy that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. From planning and development to implementation and optimization our dedicated paid search team is focused on helping you make the most of your SEM efforts.

How You Can Benefit

Results-Focused Experience

Our PPC service team has been called the best in the industry. With the aggregate experience from thousands of paid search campaigns under our belt, we provide strategy that will maximize your ROI

Easier to Work With

No other firm in this industry provides the same flexibility or ease of integration. Get live faster, with minimal work needed on your end

Broader Reach

Cover 85% of the online audience with one buy through our network of partners – the biggest collection of paid search and contextual ad inventory available in the industry

Jumpstart Your Digital Strategy with PPC

From landing page optimization to mobile advertising, Mediative's pay per click strategists use tactics that not only help our clients achieve their immediate marketing objectives, but also influence performance across all other marketing channels. 
To maximize the value of pay per click advertising ROI, two key things are required:

  1. Understand customer personas and what message will resonate the most.
  2. Create campaigns that drive maximum visitor conversions and improving cost ratios.

Mediative pay per click advertising services include:

  • Comprehensive campaign audits
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Keyword research targeted to audience intent
  • Ad copy testing
  • Search behaviour analysis
  • Landing page development and testing
  • Analytics dashboard and monthly performance analysis
  • Local search marketing optimization
  • Service from advanced PPC strategists who will truly become an extension of your team

Our PPC advertising expertise includes campaign strategy and management across all digital platforms:

  • All major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, GMail
  • Display advertising and integration with search ads
  • Mobile advertising for smartphones and tablet devices

Get started today

What We Can Do

  • Create your PPC campaign strategy
  • Manage your PPC campaign
  • Place your display banners provided by client
  • Create and optimize your landing pages provided by client
  • Mobile PPC advertising
  • Google search advertising
  • Google content network advertising

Targeted and instant traffic: a major benefit

PPCs, click purchasing, sponsored links, paid search, search marketing or pay per click generate targeted and instant traffic to your site. This type of search engine marketing offers many benefits. For example, it allows the execution of market research about certain market niches, in order to test them out and establish their potential. It is a flexible platform that allows you to adjust your strategy and change your ads as you see fit.

Target the most effective keywords

Beyond simple online advertising, PPC is a golden opportunity to target the most interesting keywords for your product or service. nvi can help find the most lucrative combinations, the most effective keywords based on location or demographics.

More clicks for Your money

By ensuring the daily and weekly management of your site, your click rate is maximized according to your investment. Spring Communications is committed to monitoring the evolution and positioning of your ads and to making sure each dollar you invest generates revenue.

Search Engine People's Paid Search Management Services Include:

Keyword Research and Campaign Set-up

Creating a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign is a time consuming intricate process involving:

  • Planning which keywords and phrases to target. SEM campaigns may involve hundreds or even thousands of keywords.
  • Selecting which PPC search engines will best meet your objectives? What are the differences between them?
  • Determining opening bids for each keyword?
  • Creating high converting ad copy to use for each listing that results in a high rate of conversion.
  • Placing of Landing Pages to help measure results and increase ROI

Hands on bid management

Pay-Per-Click auction listings are a volatile environment. Ongoing monitoring and adjusting is necessary to ensure your bids achieve efficient and cost effective levels. Search Engine People's Pay-Per-Click professionals can:

  • Increase click through rate through increased relevance.
  • Target Ads to correct geographic locations.
  • Adjust campaign to maximize ROI
  • Write new ad copy to improve conversions
  • Decrease costs by eliminating non-converting clicks
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